Why Give

A contribution to Utah Voices supports individuals who give back, to you and your community.

According to a December 2009 study by Chorus America,  an estimated 42.6 million people in the U.S. sing in more than 270,000 choruses today—that’s far more than participate in any other performing art. Singing in a group such as a community chorus or a school or church choir, is strongly correlated with qualities that are associated with success throughout life, the study finds. Greater civic involvement, discipline, and teamwork are just a few of the attributes fostered by singing with a choral ensemble.

A related report from the National Endowment for the Arts (October 2009) states, “Americans who create or perform art are more civically active than the general U.S. adult population. More than 65 percent of adults who sang in choirs did volunteer or charity work and a full 60 percent attended community meetings. These rates not only exceed the national averages, but they also surpass volunteer and community-meeting rates reported by performing arts and art museum attendees.”

A contribution to Utah Voices gives you a place among supporters of Utah’s thriving music community.

A business’s support of the arts encourages respect and benevolence in the perceptions of customers.  No good deed goes unnoticed. In addition to the members of Utah Voices (170+), your giving will be noticed in programs viewed by 1,500 to several thousand audience attendees, as well as on the Utah Voices website. You can also embellish that with a reciprocal link to your business. Your business will enjoy patronage from people who appreciate the performing arts and contribute to the vitality of their neighborhood and community.

Contributions to Utah Voices from the communities in which we live and work helps the chorus enrich the lives of others through the gift of music.

Performances by Utah Voices offer audiences unforgettable concert experiences as the group explores music from an array of genres and performs with a higher level of musicianship than expected. Utah Voices intends for people to depart the concerts feeling better for having attended and becoming involved with the music and the singers.