Message from Artistic Director

A message from the Artistic Director—

The emergence of Utah Voices has been an absolute thrill!  The energy and dedication of the singers make me giddy!  I look forward to each rehearsal, and can imagine that energy swelling and swirling out into the concert hall or over a grassy park to sweep an unsuspecting audience into a magical and ethereal place.

My dear friend, conductor and master-teacher Dr. Eph Ehly has written:

The ultimate aspiration for mankind is to experience the ethereal . . . Music belongs to that realm of the intangible.  In it we can reach the domain of the ethereal. It’s a very light, abstruse and rarified place.  Music is, after all, a product of one’s imagination.  It’s given birth in the imagination of the composer, then re-created by the performer, and ultimately comprehended by the listener.  Even though he knows it’s not possible to achieve perfection, a free mind intuitively strives for it. Good seeks better. Better seeks best. This is done through optimism in the form of hope. Hope is what keeps us going. And hope, by its very nature, searches upward. [Eph Ehly, Hogey’s Journey: A Memoir by Eph Ehly, Heritage Music Press (Dayton, Ohio, 2006)]

As the current founding director and conductor of Utah Voices, I have experienced the good, I’ve seen it become better, and I optimistically encourage the best in our singers. That said, for what do I hope? I hope for a sustainable, long-lasting future for Utah Voices. And I hope to be a part of that future for as long as possible.  But no matter who holds the baton, Utah Voices is a treasure all its own. I hope that our concert-going public and community supporters will love the ethereal magic we set out to deliver. And I hope that you will support us.

Here’s to Hope! 

Michael D. Huff, D.M.A.
Artistic Director and Conductor
Utah Voices