Who We Are

Members of Utah Voices love to sing and commit voluntarily to the group. We vary in skill from having no previous choral experience to having had substantial vocal training. Some of us are still learning to read music; others are practiced sight-readers. We range in age from twenty-somethings to senior citizens. We are business people, students, educators, engineers, homemakers, and retirees. We are a dedicated core of members who are enthusiastic about our mission and our choral involvement is an important priority in our lives. We give of ourselves, to each other, and to our community and feel we are richer for doing so. 

Although we do not audition to join, we are grateful for artistic staff who expect, and perhaps demand, beyond the average community chorus’s natural capacity. We thrive in a higher level of musicality in order to offer concert-goers unforgettable choral concert experiences, touching on inspiration, excitement, fun, and nostalgia.

Utah Voices was created by a handful of dedicated, hardworking people who truly love to sing. It is the culmination of the dreams and united vision of individuals who are passionate about making music. We desire to provide a unique and fulfilling musical opportunity to those who sing with us as well as those for whom we perform.